Kubernetes 1.18: Fit & Finish








Authors: Kubernetes 1.18 Release Team

We’re pleased to announce the delivery of Kubernetes 1.18, our first release of 2020! Kubernetes 1.18 consists of 38 enhancements: 15 enhancements are moving to stable, 11 enhancements in beta, and 12 enhancements in alpha.

Kubernetes 1.18 is a “fit and finish” release. Significant work has gone into improving beta and stable features to ensure users have a better experience. An equal effort has gone into adding new developments and exciting new features that promise to enhance the user experience even more. Having almost as many enhancements in alpha, beta, and stable is a great achievement. It shows the tremendous effort made by the community on improving the reliability of Kubernetes as well as continuing to expand its existing functionality.

Major Themes

Kubernetes Topology Manager Moves to Beta - Align Up!

A beta feature of Kubernetes in release 1.18, the Topology Manager feature enables NUMA alignment of CPU and devices (such as SR-IOV VFs) that will allow your workload to run in an environment optimized for low-latency. Prior to the introduction of the Topology Manager, the CPU and Device Manager would make resource allocation decisions independent of each other. This could result in undesirable allocations on multi-socket systems, causing degraded performance on latency critical applications.

Serverside Apply Introduces Beta 2

Server-side Apply was promoted to Beta in 1.16, but is now introducing a second Beta in 1.18. This new version will track and manage changes to fields of all new Kubernetes objects, allowing you to know what changed your resources and when.

Extending Ingress with and replacing a deprecated annotation with IngressClass

In Kubernetes 1.18, there are two significant additions to Ingress: A new pathType field and a new IngressClass resource. The pathType field allows specifying how paths should be matched. In addition to the default ImplementationSpecific type, there are new Exact and Prefix path types.

The IngressClass resource is used to describe a type of Ingress within a Kubernetes cluster. Ingresses can specify the class they are associated with by using a new ingressClassName field on Ingresses. This new resource and field replace the deprecated kubernetes.io/ingress.class annotation.

SIG-CLI introduces kubectl debug

SIG-CLI was debating the need for a debug utility for quite some time already. With the development of ephemeral containers, it became more obvious how we can support developers with tooling built on top of kubectl exec. The addition of the kubectl debug command (it is alpha but your feedback is more than welcome), allows developers to easily debug their Pods inside the cluster. We think this addition is invaluable. This command allows one to create a temporary container which runs next to the Pod one is trying to examine, but also attaches to the console for interactive troubleshooting.

Introducing Windows CSI support alpha for Kubernetes

With the release of Kubernetes 1.18, an alpha version of CSI Proxy for Windows is getting released. CSI proxy enables non-privileged (pre-approved) containers to perform privileged storage operations on Windows. CSI drivers can now be supported in Windows by leveraging CSI proxy.

Major Changes

Release Notes

Check out the full details of the Kubernetes 1.18 release in our release notes.